02-05-2018 Depression is common in the Netherlands and has a high burden of disease. People with a low income, a low level of education and / or a non-Western background are more likely to suffer from depression. They run the risk of not understanding depression as a disease, not recognizing depressive symptoms and being unable to follow their approach. Pharos has developed a visual story that supports healthcare professionals to help clients with recovery. The booklet is intended for clients, patients or loved ones who need a simple explanation about depression. I made the illustrations. A video has been made of it: youtube.com. The booklet can be ordered free of charge. For more information, go to: www.pharos.nl
19-04-2018 PROMISE is an initiative of the Long Fund, the Trimbos Institute and Pharos. In this project new ways are being tested to help women to be and remain smoke-free after the pregnancy. PROMISE wants to achieve this through objective measurements of smoking behavior (carbon monoxide), motivational conversation and the development of materials for low-literate people, such as visual story telling. For this I made a series of illustrations in 2017, some of which can be seen in this pdf about dilemmas around pregnancy and smoking.
08-03-2018 SyncForce asked me to create a reference visualization in which all customer services in the building and construction industry are combined. A fun and interesting challenge. The complete result can be seen at: www.syncforce.com
07-03-2018 Energy chains of Electricity, Gas and Heat
Who takes care of energy and where? What does the energy production look like and how does the electricity, heat or gas end up in our house? In the energy chain, students learn about training and professions in the energy sector. They can discover more by clicking on symbols. I made this illustration for the new website of WATT?. It is an adaptation and extension of an illustration that I previously made for the same client.
Client: DST, website WATT? is made by Muismedia
19-03-2017 Recently published: the handbook "I have diabetes, what can I do?". I made a large number of illustrations for this book. It's intended for diabetics who need simple explanations of diabetes, such as low literacy, migrants, elderly and less educated people. Self-management is essential for good diabetes care, but quite a big problem in this group. The handbook was developed by Pharos (expertise in health differences) in collaboration with NHG and Stichting Voorlichters Gezondheid. Funded by Zilverenkruis Achmea. Download a free copy (pdf) of the book at: www.pharos.nl
30-01-2017 On January 19 Geonovum organized a first consultation meeting on the Standards for Environmental documents. We made a powerpoint presentation about the models that describe how information from the real world is structured, captured and becomes available for use in information products. You can view the presentation on Youtube. The story is summarized in a flyer which you can download at: www.geonovum.nl
10-01-2017 For Pharos I illustrated a small book about female circumcision: What can Sarah do when she has problems?
You can view or download the booklet (pdf) via: www.pharos.nl
In the Netherlands, we are faced with female genital mutilation (FGM) since the nineties.
Pharos has committed itself since then as a knowledge and advice center for the fight against FGM. Pharos is a national expert on FGM, appointed by the Dutch government. One of Pharos' specialties is the development of new- and adapting existing information material, such that it is understandable for the low-skilled, low literacy, immigrants or people with limited health literacy.
21-12-2016 This illustration is about Solidago and the color yellow in your garden. But also about the innovativeness of taxonomists, who are on the correct names of plants. The illustration was inspired by a text written by Coen Jansen, perennials grower in Dalfsen (NL) (www.coenjansenvasteplanten.nl). Text and images published in the winter issue of the magazine Onze Eigen Tuin (Our Own Garden).
04-11-2016 Large parts of the Netherlands were war zone during World War II. Of the bombs dropped, there are still many in our soil. These conventional explosives are detected as new construction activities are taking place in those areas. But how do you actually track such a bomb? Heijmans explains it and I made the illustrations. More: heijmans.nl
14-10-2016 With your eyes you see the world around you. If you can not see well, there are tools. That is what this book is about. It's from the Mini Information Set (group 3-5 of primary school) of Noordhoff. I was asked to make this small contribution.
05-10-2016 The National Forest Service (Staatsbosbeheer) in the Netherlands would like to tell you something about WOOD; what can you do with it, how are our forests managed and what are the figures? I made this infographic on the subject (published in the magazine 'Naar Buiten', September 2016).
11-07-2016 In air from stables are high concentrations of dust particles. In these particles are, among others, endotoxins (remains of dead bacteria) and micro-organisms. When inhaled it can cause health effects. Wageningen UR develops technical measures to address the emissions of particles and thus to improve air quality around stables. The online file on this project was published a few days ago on wageningenur.nl. The illustrations, re-published in this document, I made several years ago for the brochure 'Clean air for all' by the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture.
04-07-2016 Enexis is working on the future. The movement EneXt designs new processes. Therewith faults are quickly mapped and repaired. The customer is best served (see infographic). The article appeared in Contxt (June 2016), the magazine for the people of Enexis. (Design and production: MPG)
30-06-2016 Infographic for a factsheet of the NZO (Dutch Dairy Organisation) on an exploration of the circular economy in the dairy sector. The Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency distinguishes in 'Food for the circular economy' three possible goals for a circular food system: the sustainable management of natural resources, reduction of food waste and optimizing of the use of waste streams. The infographic shows that these key elements are already present in the dairy sector, but that there are still enough challenges to take up. View or download the complete factsheet at: www.nzo.nl
13-05-2016 Geonovum in Vogelvlucht
Geonovum stands for: A better government performance with geographic information. We made a corporate brochure on the core of Geonovum: linking data, ambitions, people and organizations. The different themes are explained in full-page illustrations.
You can view or download the brochure at geonovum.nl
12-04-2016 CROW devises clever and practical solutions to problems of infrastructure, public space, traffic and transport in the Netherlands and makes that knowledge directly applicable to practice. In this context, the "Traffic manual" issued. For the 'module control approach' I made this illustration which gradually zooms in on the traffic situation. (Concept: Librt.com). Look for a free download of the module on crow.nl
25-02-2016 Wageningen UR has developed new equipment to familiarize visitors on campus. This includes a map which shows at a glance where the buildings are and how to get there. I made that plan and was commissioned to draw all buildings realistic and recognizable; quite a challenge. The map can be seen on large plates in the parking lots or as a PDF download at wageningencampus.nl. The drawings of the individual buildings are also used for signs.
16-02-2016 The remediation of Chemie-Pack is the last and longest stage of the entire cleaning process that began in 2011 immediately after the fire. Heijmans is happy to explain some more and I made the illustrations for this article. Curious? Visit: heijmans.nl
11-02-2016 Every energy network operator in the Netherlands uses its own system to keep track of how much electricity and gas is used. Not very efficient. Therefore, the seven operators jointly developed a new system: the ARM system.
The infographic I made shows the main differences compared to current systems. The article appeared in Contxt (Dec 2015), the magazine for the people of Enexis.
01-02-2016 "Smarter, more agile and more sustainable." Under this title Enexis presented her vision on ICT in the future. How will our electricity networks look like in 2020? What does this mean for the consumer? The article appeared in the magazine Contxt (Oct 2015), I contributed by making the illustration about this subject.
28-01-2016 In the Netherlands, many parties and organizations prepare themselves for using the BGT (Basic Big Scale Topography). The BGT is available as Open Data for society.
Commissioned by the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment I made schematic illustrations for the brochure Chain Design BGT. This brochure provides insight into which parties are responsible for what tasks, how they are organized and what systems they have developed to carry out their duties.
You can download the brochure at: https://bgtweb.pleio.nl/file/download/41871502
27-01-2016 For DuPont, I made a series of illustrations about a new milling process (PowerMILL) that extracts more flour from corn. Studio KERN (Deventer) used the illustrations for an animation.
12-01-2016 Judgment is the primary process for professionals. This is increasingly happening together because work becomes more complex. In her PhD Eva van der Flute reveals how KLM pilots optimize their performance in preventing incipient conflict and escalation so that they get home safely. The research results are of interest to other professionals who want to keep conflict under control. This illustration graced the cover of the research and is part of the infographic I made about it. For more information or to request an e-thesis: www.evavanderfluit.nl
17-10-2015 Oil of Olay for highways
Highways need the same care as your skin; Carefully clean and moisturize. These beauty tips also extend the life of asphalt. Road builder Heijmans explains how this works
in four steps and I made the illustrations. For the full article visit: heijmans.nl
13-10-2015 Relations Allianz General Insurance Netherlands recently received the book 'Koplopers' ('Leaders') with inspiring stories of entrepreneurial success (written by Lizzy de Wilde). In addition I made, as depositor, this infographic that provides insight into insurance behaviors and risks of freelancers and entrepreneurs.
01-09-2015 How to use your lobes as smart as possible? That is what this infographic is about. I made it for EVA (no. 7), the women's magazine of the EO broadcaster.
29-07-2015 For Contxt (June 2015), the magazine for employees of Enexis I made these illustrations on: alternatives to heating homes and distribution automation (project DALI) in 35,000 network drives.
Production: Media Partners Group
06-07-2015 Meetbaar Beter (Measurable Better) is a scientifically based program that aims to improve the quality of care by measuring and share results.
Zilveren Kruis Achmea wants to provide insight into these results, with the main focus on: what results are important for the patient. In this context, I developed two infographics on the outcome of angioplasties and bypass operations. You can view and download the infographics at: zilverenkruis.nl
06-07-2015 This year we were asked again to design an annual report (2014) for Geonovum. Therein special attention to the Linked Data Platform, Environment Act, the living lab for the Internet of Everything and the activities within the framework of the BIM box. You can view and download the complete annual report on geonovum.nl
30-06-2015 In 2008 the Dutch government decided to establish a national database on the substrate: the Basic registration underground (BRO). Consider the use of underground space in relation to the environment, such as environmental remediation, archeology and water safety. I made this infographic about the selection process for registration objects. Want to know more? Go to: bro-pleio.nl
15-06-2015 This infographic tells the story of the suzukii fruit fly, which is signaled in the Netherlands since 2012 and forms a serious threat to fruit production. Currently, all put effort to learn more about the life cycle and the weaknesses of this newcomer.
I made this infographic on behalf of Wageningen UR (University & Research center) for an article in Wageningen World (2015-2), the magazine of Wageningen UR about working on the quality of life.
12-06-2015 With the increasing use of electronics and the rise of social media cyberbullying is increasing, that's what this infographic is about. In 2012 about 22 per cent of Dutch children were ever digital bullied. Student Safety and Security Studies Kim Rietkerken researched the extent of the problem in Capelle aan den IJssel. Her thesis was nominated for the annual thesis prize by The Hague University.
Want to know more?
Look at:
10-06-2015 These illustrations help to explain the exchange of regional energy networks (electricity and gas) between network operators Alliander and Enexis. Made for Contxt, the magazine for employees and retirees of Enexis (May 2015).
Production: Media Partners Group
06-05-2015 For Bruynzeel I made these infographics in which the environmentally friendly aspects of the Atlas kitchen are highlighted.
29-04-2015 The Registration Large Scale Topography (BGT) is from January 1, 2016, thé uniform, detailed digital base map of the Netherlands. The Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment asked me to make infographics that provide insight into the requiered IT components for organizations that work with BGT. The infographics are used for presentations and can also be found in a book that you can view online or download at BGTweb.
25-02-2015 On January 1, 2016 the Law Registration Large Scale Topography starts. The Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment has prepared a milestone planning to help the source holders in reaching the finish in time. I made this infographic on the subject.
The full publication is available at: https://bgtweb.pleio.nl/file/download/30446462
24-02-2015 In 2007, an amendment was introduced to make it easier for small business owners. Small businesses were from then on alllowed to use their tax return as financial annual report. But is that really so beneficial? Accountancy student Hanneke van Wijngaarden did a lot of research and wrote her thesis about this subject. Read more at: www. hhs.nl
18-02-2015 Running is a great way to work on your fitness. A good walking posture reduces the risk of pains. The 'Gezondgids' (Healthy Guide) no.1-2015 of the Consumentenbond (Consumer Association) gives some tips to prevent injuries and I made the illustrations.
Graphic design and art direction: Sanne Terpstra, Twinmedia bv
11-02-2015 The I & M Department engages among other things with clean air. I designed this poster for a case in Nijmegen where the situation in a neighborhood heavily modified by the construction of a new bridge over the Waal. How do you put smart technology to monitor and improve air quality? Residents, Town, Radboud University and Geonovum are involved in this project.
03-02-2015 Commissioned by publisher Noordhoff Health I made illustrations for the course Negative pressure therapy, which is an intensive and effective form of wound healing. The course serves as a refresher and focuses on nurses in general hospitals and / or home care (level 4 and 5). Information: www.noordhoff-health.nl
28-01-2015 From January 24 to April 12, 2015 GR-ID, Graphic Museum Groningen shows, from a new angle, our current information age with the exhibition 'Infographics: The world in data". More than 30 Dutch infographic designers (including myself) display their often colorful and cheerful visualization of statistical data, processes, structures and instructions. Attention is also paid to the historical context of the infographic. Read more on www.gr-id.nl
18-12-2014 Tablets are popular, but using it frequently leads to neck and arm symptoms.
Gezondheidsgids (Healthy Guide) of the Consumentenbond (
consumer association) gives tips for a good sitting position and I made the illustrations.
Graphic design
and art direction: Sanne Terpstra, Twinmedia bv
17-12-2014 The World Health Organization recommends eating at least 200 grams of vegetables and 200 grams of fruit per day. The average Dutch person does not eat those amounts. A missed opportunity discovered student Nutrition & Dietetics Marcelle Lock, for "fruits and vegetables are really good for you!" Her thesis was nominated for the annual prize of The Hague University. I made this infographic on the subject.
06-12-2014 About 3 million Dutch suffer from fear of flying. But there is something you can do about it. These tips are a first step towards a relaxing flight.
I made the illustrations on this page for Flying Dutchman, the magazine for frequent flyers of KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines). It was published on December 5, 2014. You can download it as a PDF file on klm.com
28-11-2014 This month in Link, the digital magazine of The Hague University: Can you counteract the aging of the labor market by subsidizing childcare? Student Marieke Meijer researched it and wrote her thesis on this subject. Which was nominated for the thesis-year price. You can read all about it on hhs.nl. There you can also download a pdf file of the infographic I made on the subject.
28-11-2014 Have you ever noticed when you drive a bridge up and down? Bang! Heijmans devised a solution: an expansion joint that you can not see and can not hear. Curious? You can see and read exactly how that works on heijmans.nl
I made the illustrations.
21-11-2014 Today the week of media wisdom begins (November 21 to 28) and "My computer is fun!" is issued. This reading book offers a playful media support to parents with young children (2.5 - 6 years). It is suitable for all parents, including parents who have difficulty reading or with the Dutch language. I made this simple educational illustrations for this booklet. They serve as pointing plate; all the text is there to see.

Read more and download the booklet, manual and a PowerPoint presentation on pharos.nl
16-11-2014 In January 2015 Noordhoff will publish the new educational method WIJZER! for primary schools. I made illustrations for the geography and physics books (groups 6, 7 and 8). The presentation of the method can be seen on noordhoffuitgevers.nl
07-11-2014 For Geonovum we have designed a book about Linked Open Data. Geonovum says: "With this book, we sketch a picture of the world of linked data and the activity of the Linked Data Platform Netherlands, together with the leaders of the various working groups within the Platform we have captured this work in simple images."
You can download
the book as a pdf on the website of Geonovum.
06-11-2014 In this week's EON magazine "A genius in the cupboard '; everyone in the Netherlands will receive a smart digital energy meter, starting in 2015. The meter automatically records how much gas and electricity you consume.
And also in this magazine: six tips how to bleed the heater. And ofcourse I made the illustrations.
Concept and Production: Head Office, Hilversum
03-11-2014 This year I made ​​several hundred (!) Illustrations for the educational method Nu Zorg (Care Now) of publisher Noordhoff. The series is about ao nursing activities, personal care, nursing care and care for the household. You can see some of the illustrations in portfolio -> anatomical, medical and health care.
29-10-2014 Carbohydrates, they are in bread, pasta, rice, potatoes and just about everything that tastes sweet. The Health Council recommends that forty to seventy percent of the daily energy intake must be carbohydrates. But what happens if you ingest fewer carbohydrates? Student Nutrition & Dietetics Vincent Verdoorn researched. The thesis was nominated by The Hague University for the thesis-year price and I made ​​this infographic about it. You can view the publication on: link.hhs.nl/nieuws
08-10-2014 Shortly after the birth a bit of blood taken from the heel of babies. The blood of this neonatal screening can show whether there is a congenital condition. In the Netherlands the nationwide screening program was officially launched in 1974 . Since then a well-functioning program was build up which caused many children to have a better quality of life. Reason to look back in this book; Veertig jaar Hielprikscreening in Nederland (Forty years Neonatal screening in the Netherlands), for which I made ​​some infographics. The author, Dr. J. Gerard Loeber, was for many years head of the RIVM laboratory for infectious diseases and screening. Published by: RIVM, VUmc and Prelum.
06-10-2014 A wrong way of working the body can be strained unnecessarily. Apollo Vredestein has therefore developed information about good working postures and hopes to avoid unnecessary physical symptoms among workers. I was asked to make the illustrations. Production: Creative Bastards - Hengelo (Ov)
06-10-2014 The French wheelchair tennis player and Grand Slam champion Stéphane Houdet moves his wheelchair with square hollow sections instead of round. Does that work better? Motion Technology Student Femke Bos sought it out. Her thesis was nominated for the thesis year price by the editors of LINK, the magazine of The Hague University. I made an infographic about the subject. The article can be found here: link.hhs.nl/nieuws
06-10-2014 Ever heard of self-healing asphalt? It exists! Heijmans explains exactly how this works and I made the illustrations. You can see it on heijmans.nl
18-07-2014 Each year more foreign students come to the Netherlands than Dutch students go abroad. This leads to distortions and high costs. Norway and Denmark had a similar problem and came up with a solution together.
I made this infographic for the last paper edition of H / Link, the magazine of The Hague University.
18-07-2014 The summer edition of the magazine focuses on the EON Energy Assistant. Saving energy starts with awareness, knowledge is power. I drew a house in which several smart applications can be seen. The editorial placed informative text and pictures around it.
For the DIY section I made a series of drawings that explain how to make your garden energy efficient, attractive and safely lit.
Production: Headoffice, Hilversum
10-07-2014 Recently the STW research LogiDOC was finished. Researchers developed optimization algorithms for hospitals. Planning the whole chain of emergency to outpatient rehabilitation together, improves the quality of care and labor, and more patients can be helped in the same time. I made this infographic on the subject for UPDATE, customer magazine of Technology Foundation STW (July 2014, 3).
02-06-2014 "A kind of annual report in pictures", that was the challenge we were facing. Last week 'Geonovum in vogelvlucht' was published. The publication provides a detailed introduction to the organization and activities of Geonovum based on 2013. Design and infographics: Anke Nobel | Layout and supervision of printing and mailing: Noort Pre-Press Studio, Lelystad. You can download the Annual report on: geonovum.nl
15-05-2014 For visually impaired, doing sports is not obvious. Probably a lot can be accomplished with some devices, but little research has been done. Two Halo-students got on uncharted territory and asked fellow students to wear "experience spectacles" and to jump on a mini trampoline with and without a brightly colored marker. The infographic shows how that was done.
23-04-2014 What do you need to know about a Rhesus blood type during pregnancy? The RIVM recently published a brochure on this subject. In this folder you can read what blood types are, what Rhesus disease is and how it arises. The folder also gives information about the care and treatment that you can get to prevent Rh disease. I made illustrations which help to explain this in a simple way.
16-04-2014 A car that thinks for you, look and brakes? It exists!
To avoid collisions with pedestrians Lexus developed the innovative advanced pre-crash safety system (A-PCS). How this system actually works? You can see it in the infographic I made for the
MyLexus magazine.
Production: Head Office, Hilversum
13-04-2014 The E.ON magazine (About new energy) appears 3 times a year. I make infographics for the sections' Get it done 'and' That is so. "
In the spring edition:
"LED it shine", an infographic about the LED lamp. How does this mini-light work? With many explanations and tips. Source: Philips Lighting
"With renewed energy through your home" with cleaning tips that will also save you  energy.
Design and production: Head Office Hilversum
23-03-2014 Can ships defend themselves against pirates ... or not? You can not just carry a weapon in the Netherlands, even in dangerous situations. But how will you defend against piracy? Should the state protect these ships? Pieter Rademakers researched it and ended up in a tangled web of rules and regulations. The infographic explains in 7 steps how he came to his conclusion.
Publication: H-Link41 (magazine of The Hague University), March 2014. Editorial: Rene Rector
16-03-2014 Schiphol is preparing fot the future and will be renovating considerably over the coming years. KLM wants to inform its frequent flyers and asked me to visualize the major changes. The infographic was published in the magazine Flying Dutchman (1-2014).
Head Office NL
10-02-2014 The burqa in the Netherlands, it was seen as a symbol of women's oppression, but to ban it did not come. Everyone has an opinion about it, but has anyone ever asked for the views and motives of women who wear the burqa or niqab? Linda Arfy studied the issue for her thesis and came to surprising conclusions. I made this infographic about it. The thesis has been nominated for the thesis-year price of The Hague University.
29-01-2014 Are we going for gold? During the Winter Olympics the Netherlands is looking anxiously at the skaters. Meanwhile, scientists are working on improving skating techniques. Within the sports program of NWO, STW and ZonMw Eline van der Kruk at TU Delft and Roy Mulder from the VU Amsterdam examine the optimum stroke of the skater. STW UPDATE Magazine did an article for which I made this infographic.
13-01-2014 In January 2014 the screening for Colon cancer starts in the Netherlands. I made ​​a series of infographics for the RIVM, which is responsible for the screening. These infographics explain the many facets of the process, like a simple view of "The risk of colon cancer" and a gadget that gp's assistants can use to look up the year in which clients can expect an invitation for the screening.
13-12-2013 Opponents of wind power often suggest that building a windmill takes more energy than the energy it produces. Something like this also plays in another energy source: the heat of the earth itself. Larissa Gonzalez, a student at The Hague University, examined it and came to surprising conclusions. A geothermal system will pay for itself (in energy) in 2 months! The study of Larissa has been nominated for the Thesis Year Award by H / Link. I made this infographic with a comparison between construction and operation.
Skydiving as an introduction to physics and chemistry lessons! For the introduction of the new NOVA teaching book (VWO | Gymnasium) we made a spread about skydiving. In addition several infographics that show what there is to study about such a leap in the field of physics and chemistry Client: Malmberg (photo: shutterstock)
04-12-2013 On the 12th of November, the 'Innovation Relay' took place at the RAI in Amsterdam. It's an exhibition on the themes of Circular Economy, Green Transportation and Smart Cities. Geonovum, Ministry of I & M and TNO presented information together about the importance of location for smart cities. For this purpose I made a poster of 3.5 x 1 meter with colorful infographics.
04-12-2013 Energy companies are always looking for vmbo pupils, MBO, HAVO, VWO students, college and university level students with a passion for technology. The campaign WATT? brings young people in touch with the energy sector during their schooling. For this purpose Watt? developed posters on various aspects of the energy sector . For the poster on the gas and electricity network in a residential area, I made ​​this illustration. The posters are designed for students interested in engineering, to hang in the classroom. Teachers can order the posters www.watt.nl Production & Design: DST Experience Communication, Baarn.
06-09-2013 For MOVE, the magazine of BCD travel, I make infographics on a regular basis. In this issue: Spot the difference; a comparison between arranging a private trip and booking a business trip, both online. Furthermore, the benefits and possibilities of using the BCD tool for business bookings explained in a playful manner.
Design: Tein Traniello, Publisher: Scripta Media
06-09-2013 METAL & TECHNOLOGY, the monthly journal of the Royal Metal Union for SMEs in the metal sector, publishes the quarterly figures of the sector 4 times a year in an annex, the BAROMETER. For this appendix I make infographics about situation and developments in SMEs metal. Leading symbol in the graphs is the anvil.
18-02-2013 The digital map of the Netherlands consists of all possible information from roundabout to trafficlight, from office to bus stop, from highway to bike path. How is this card made? And how is it kept up to date? How can you use it? You can see it on these infographics, they are meant for management IT departments and government decision makers (ie Municipalities). Client: Geonovum.
02-11-2012 This year ENEXIS opened an energy-neutral model home in Zwolle. The house is equipped with the latest innovations in the field of energy saving and -recovery. ENEXIS wants to launch awareness to organizations such as housing associations and developers, government and education of the importance to be connected to a smart grid that aligns the power supply.
I was asked to make 2 infographics about the operation of the systems: a layout of the house & garden and a representation of the technical area.
Design & Production: DST Experience Communication
19-10-2012 The E.ON magazine (All about new energy) appears 3 times a year. I make infographics for the headings 'Get it done 'and 'Thus it is'.

In the autumn edition: an infographic on the operation of a windmill.
And: How do you ensure that your home stays warm and comfortable this winter? Simple instructions in 5 steps.

Design and production: Headoffice (Sanoma)
02-05-2012 The construction of a fiberglass network. KPN-Reggefiber has developed a range that provides information about the construction of a fiberglass network. With clear illustrations it explains in 5 steps how the work is performed; burrow the cable, the connection to the house, the connection in the home or stacked dwellings and the use of the active connection. 
Design: Neboko Downtown, Illustrations: Anke Nobel
07-10-2011 The Netherlands must emit less particulate matter. Particulate matter comes for example from dried manure in stables. The Ministry of EL&I has published a brochure on this subject. It describes various technical measures that farmers can take to reduce emissions. The infographics that I made clearly explain the operation of the many different techniques.

Download the complete brochure: