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You viewed the portfolio on this website and you like what you see? So you want to know more about graphics or infographics? Mail or call me for a quotation:


Based on your information, we'll be happy to make a quotation for you, without any obligations.

Creating illustrations and infographics is customization. Therefore, we have no standard prices. We can, in a series of similar illustrations agree on a fixed (mean) price per image. A project price is also possible.
You will receive an offer with a clear overview of all the possibilities and activities. In the quote you will find:
- Specification of the illustration work, incl. any research, discussions, preparatory work, sketches, correction rounds final result and delivery.
- Clear price proposal
- Clear planning and delivery date
- Description of the style
- Description of the delivery specifications
- Description of the use
- Description of all additional agreements and any special wishes
You like the proposals in the offer and agree. Then we get started and first you will receive a sketch. Usually we first make some rough sketches to give you an impression of the design. Sometimes it is necessary to meet for a brainstorm or discuss questions and ideas.

If you have already prepared a complete briefing then further consultation, where necessary, can be done by mail or phone.

Once the sketches are made, you can still specify substantive corrections.
The sketches appeal to you, then the artwork is created, evaluated and delivered. After approval of the sketches the illustrations or infographics are made. Then we can adjust only minor details (use of color, the icing on the cake).

Has anything substantial changed? So larger adjustments are needed? No problem, but we have to charge for some extra time.

Once you are 100% satisfied with the results you will receive the final digital files.
You would like us to take care of all aspects of your project? For projects that include more than graphics or infographics I work in close collaboration with Noort Pre-Press Studio, located at the same address.

It is therefore possible to provide a complete service for your project, from concept to quality printing, including: product photography, graphic design, image editing, formatting, and expert advice. Everything settled from A to Z with a single contact.

If you're interested please feel free to contact us so we can discuss possibilities.