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I have been working as a freelance illustrator and infographicmaker since 1978. For me it’s the best job there is. I consider it as a profession for which commitment, creativity, craftmanship and continual commitment (or curiosity?) are the most important requirements.

Over the years I worked for a wide range of clients. Every project is a new challenge which, after careful liaising with the client, I achieve to deliver optimum and satisfying results.

I hereby take into account aspects such as style, color, atmosphere, audience and the way the subject is the most recognizable and understandable. Ofcourse, practical issues such as usability, size, budget and planning are key.
The function of an illustration? For me it explains a lot of text or even replaces text..

Image attracts attention and make information more accessible. With 'imagery' you also reach people who do not read or who speak a different language. That is a big advantage of illustration..

In an illustration you can show something that does not exist or you can not solve with photography..

Often I just start to make some sketches. With a pencil on paper so I can work very intuitive..

I specialize in creating informative illustrations and infographics..

In infographics, data and text are visualized and combined. They have to be clear, functional and logical.
For informative illustrations and infographics it is necessary that you study the subject. That's also what makes it so interesting.

A process, situation, act, the operation of a device, an event or the subject of a study; to put it down clearly you have to "zoom in" on the essence of the story you want to tell.

In order to distinguish essence from 'noise' it is important to understand your subject. Then comes the challenge to visualize it, uncluttered and attractive.

If I succeed and someone shouts: "Oh, is that all! Actually it's very simple!", then I am satisfied.
I had my education at the Academy of Visual Arts in Amersfoort. Not only had I drawing lessons but I also worked with wood and metal, had lessons in plastic design, spatial design, ceramics, textile arts & graphic techniques.

Continuing education:
- making lay-outs
(LOI Leiden)
- Graphic Design
(Graphic Lyceum Utrecht)
- Courses and training for various graphic computer programs
(Graphic Lyceum Utrecht and Doesum)

What I want to achieve as an illustrator?
To continue to refine, improve and innovate.